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Technological and Industrial objectives

  • Development of a laser deburring process of 3D aluminum casting parts, able to replace the current hydraulic deburring and manual sanding operations of casting industries, for components with different geometry and burrs thickness. Therefore, it is intended to obtain quality, uniform and low roughness cutting edges, without thermal affection
  • Development of a highly adaptive cognitive robotic system, to carry out the process of deburring and manipulating the parts autonomously, and providing overall process inspection using 2D and 3D machine vision techniques. This system will correct the predefined trajectory, implementing a burr tracking system based on machine vision techniques, and finally determining the optimum cutting path.
  • Identify and specify the most appropriate individual elements, as the laser source, optical beam path, laser head, clamping tools, monitoring and control devices and algorithms, etc., according to the industrial requirements posed, that considered as a whole constitute the robotized deburring station.